Projects in each school

European Project Introduction

What’s in a name? Does it really matter what we are called? When parents are expecting a child the most important thing in a short time is to give him/her a name.
Besides that, beyond the names we are all given at birth, we are also given descriptive names  that often say a lot about who we are too. We might have been known as the “the smart one” or the “pretty one” or the “athletic one.” We adore those positive descriptions of ourselves– claiming their complete worth, shaping who we become as we grow up.
This project is planned and managed by two schools, one from Czech Republic and the other from Catalonia. 
The pupils will share ideas, work, images and different tools along the second term....using English as way of communication and also introducing their mother tongue so that they talk with classmates and families about identity names.

So, let's know some information about us.
First of all, our emplacement inside Europe...

and our Capital Cities and flags
Capital city: Prague                                                             Capital city: Barcelona

Our flags

 March 19th, 2014
A group of European Teachers wanted to know how catalan schools work.
So Iva, the English Teacher from the Czech Republic who is sharing the identity project with the catalan school, visited it. 
Children had prepared different presents for their partners.
Here you have some of the pictures we took.

Hoorey!!! They are very happy with their bookmarks.